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LeStoff Håndklæde Lille Navy


Håndklæderne der for en gangs skyld passer i din træningstaske uden at gå på kompromis med størrelse, sugeevne eller komfort

Håndklæderne er takket værre den specielle væveteknik ultra tynde og lette, de vejer kun 275 gram.

De tørrer utroligt hurtigt og let.

100% Bomuld

Velegnet til: Træning, Rejse, strand og bad.


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Mere information

Don't call me a towel.       My name is LE STOFF!

I am home and travel related, of traditional Ottoman artisanal origin, and made of 100% cotton. Although I am very compact, weight only 90 g, I am by no means small! I measure 50 x 100 cm.
I fold down to nothing, so I'm easy to pack and carry. I absorb as much water as your bath towel but compared to my thick cousin, I dry very quickly since my weight is only about a third of his.
Using less energy for washing and drying makes me very eco friendly, and don't forget, the more you wash me, the cosier and softer I get.. I'm your most versatile companion - the perfect bath and travel item, home decor statement, picnic blanket, spa companion, a great workout, yoga and water-sports accessory, marine and urban life escort. I can be a sun shade sail, baby wrap or even a pet blanket!
You will appreciate my warmth as a chic shawl on cool summer nights, and will love me breezing around your hips as a pareo or tied around your neck as a casual beach dress.
In short:   you will love all my talents.


If I didn't exist, I would need to be invented!